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Compiling evidence ahead of a workplace harassment case

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2023 | Workplace Discrimination

When someone is harassing you at work in Indiana and you plan on bringing a case against them, it benefits you to be able to demonstrate that your harasser had a pattern of acting against you. To show that your harasser was exhibiting a pattern of behavior, it pays to keep detailed logs of everything you experience at his or her hand.

According to, workplace harassment is a form of discrimination and may be verbal, sexual, psychological or physical in nature. Regardless of the type of harassment you are facing in your place of business, it may serve you well to do the following to strengthen your case against that individual.

Keep thorough notes and records

The more evidence you have to show that you faced harassment at work, the stronger your case may be. If someone harasses you via social media, email or something similar, be sure to save all the interactions. If someone harasses you verbally, be sure to jot down exactly what the harasser said and when and where he or she said it. If someone is harassing or abusing you in a physical manner, take photos, and if any of the harassment you suffer warrants medical or mental health attention, be sure to save doctor or psychologist records, too.

Make note of any witnesses

It is not uncommon for workplace bullies to have more than one target. If your harasser also harasses others at work, consider calling them as witnesses. Similarly, if someone sees your harasser take adverse action against you, take down their name and contact information in case you need them to come forward later.

Please note, too, that are time limits associated with filing harassment and discrimination charges with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.


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