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June 2016 Archives

Workplace discrimination is illegal

There are an endless number of ways in which people discriminate against one another. None of them are right and yet we see it go on daily. It makes one wish that adults could see things through the eyes of children who are not concerned with the race, religion or the physical traits of others. They simply enjoy what the other children bring to the table in terms of companionship and imagination and friendship. Everybody is a best friend and few are strangers.

When enforcing an ideal creates disaccord

Are we sometimes so protective of diversity that we hinder other races from successes earned? How does affirmative action apply when used by a public institution? These questions seem to be at the center of a significant constitutional dispute that has been pushed around the federal courts for the better part of a decade now.

The price of harassment

There is a lot that goes on in a person's spirit, mood and energy when they are subjected to harassment of any kind. But those reactions can be particularly pronounced when the harassment is sexual in nature. When you're trying to do what is right, go to work, go to school, better yourself and better the world, it is offensive and devaluing to find yourself a victim of sexual harassment.

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