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What healthcare workers should know about wrongful termination

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2023 | Wrongful Termination

When you think of wrongful termination, you may not think about healthcare workers. In fact, doctors and nurses face wrongful termination more frequently than you think. Unfortunately, many healthcare workers fail to recognize what constitutes wrongful termination.

Understand the laws and protect yourself if you face an unjust termination.

Do you have a contract?

Many healthcare workers sign employment contracts with the facility where they provide care. If you work under such a contract, your employer may only terminate that active contract in accordance with specific terms in that document. If your termination violates the terms of that contract, you may have wrongful termination grounds.

Is your termination retaliation?

Healthcare workers may hesitate to speak up about mistreatment, policy violations or practices that violate the law. Speaking up or refusing to do something that violates the care standards or laws governing your job should not result in retaliation. If you face termination after such an action, you may have a case.

Does the termination violate federal protections?

Healthcare facilities are bound by federal laws like any other business. Employers in the healthcare industry may not terminate employees based on any protected class information, such as sexual orientation, gender, marital status or disability. If you have evidence of a termination resulting from this type of discrimination, you may have a wrongful termination case.

Healthcare businesses are not exempt from federal or state labor laws. Understand your rights as a healthcare worker and stand up for yourself if you face a wrongful termination.


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