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Bipartisan bill attempts to ease strain on pregnant workers

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2023 | Blog, Workplace Discrimination

As a pregnant worker in the modern workforce, you may unfortunately still have to concern yourself with potential discrimination.

What does discrimination against pregnant workers look like in the first place?

Providing mothers with accommodations

CNBC discusses changes in the way that may make it easier for pregnant women to keep working. A bill with bipartisan support proposes to provide expecting mothers with “simple and reasonable accommodations” while on the job.

The bill attempts to address some of the issues regarding a lack of respect toward pregnant workers, and the rampant discrimination against them that still exist in many fields.

The basic premise of the bill intends to provide pregnant workers with security, dignity and a lack of fear about reduced living wages when pregnant. This is not only a move to improve the lives of pregnant workers, but also to improve the socioeconomic standing of the nation.

The motherhood penalty

Unfortunately, many pregnant workers suffer from what is colloquially called the “motherhood penalty”. This phenomenon refers to a decrease in earnings that a mother may see with each respective child she has.

Many women have decided to put off having children due to this penalty, along with other potentially discriminatory factors at play in work.

For example, in some workplaces, employers make it purposely difficult for pregnant workers to get the help and relief they need specifically in an attempt to get them to quit. That way, they do not have to deal with severance packages and can hire a worker who is not pregnant.

All in all, pregnancy discrimination is alive and well and it is important for workers to protect their rights.


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