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How can I protect myself when I leave my job?

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Blog, Wrongful Termination

Losing or leaving a job is a difficult time. It is important to understand your rights and responsibilities when you do so.

Making sure that you leave your job, whether it is by choice or forced by your employer, in a professional manner is paramount. According to Findlaw, you should keep a work journal and ask to see your personnel file before you leave your current place of employment.

Keeping a journal

A good work journal should keep track of your performance. You can keep a record of important employment events, such as commentations, salary changes, reprimands and performance reviews. You can also document less-formal statements your employer has made of both approval and disapproval of your performance.

Even if you have no interest in challenging your employer over a firing (if this is why you are leaving your job), a work journal can help you if you need to prove that your employer fired you due to reasons not involving misconduct. Make sure to keep track of any and all persons involved in major job or career events.

Getting your personnel file

In many places, if you ask for a personnel file, your employer must give it to you. You should review your personnel file before leaving any job, and make a copy of it. This will help you if your employer tries to add things to your personnel file once you leave. In the event that your employer fired you, this may be essential if you try to challenge a wrongful termination.

Understanding your rights as an employee leaving your job can help you make a professional exit that ultimately benefits your career.


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