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What does a toxic work environment do to you?

by | Jul 30, 2021 | Uncategorized

A toxic work environment is one in which a worker, or perhaps many workers, feels the effects of discrimination or abuse. Toxicity in the workplace can be verbally abusive coworkers and a culture of fear. It could be a place where work expectations completely devastate a person’s personal life.

It’s easy to recognize those as “difficult work problems,” but few realize that a toxic workplace carries over into your personal. A video game company has made headlines for workplace toxicity. But what are the real effects of such toxicity?


Stress is among the most underrecognized and overly destructive aspects of modern life. Humans react to stress in many ways, but stress on the human body is supposed to be acute. Long-term sustained stress – such as a 40 hour or more workweek in an emotionally draining or abusive environment – can lead to higher blood pressure, higher body weight and a greater risk of heart disease and strokes.


When you’ve been miserable or feel the definitive weight of a difficult work environment, you start to dread going in. Unfortunately, dreading a workday can lead to anxiety, and anxiety can cost you sleep. Losing sleep and then going to work can, of course, increase your stress hormones. It is a vicious cycle.


While you may not want to be angry at your loved ones, a stressful, toxic environment at work will come home with you. There is no shortage of advice about the necessity of managing anger when you have a stressful job. Many of those articles talk about the need for a family to “understand” your stress. While that may sound good for a person experiencing a harsh workplace, your family should not suffer for your job.

Workplace toxicity is mental poison

If a person were exposed to harmful substances at work, they’d be entitled to some form of compensation in most cases. However, if the harmful substance is a boss’s demands or your office culture, it can be much harder to get compensation. Make no mistake, both situations are extremely harmful to you and you deserve better.

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