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Indiana newswoman accuses station of workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2021 | Workplace Discrimination

Despite greater attention being paid to workers’ rights in Indiana and throughout the United States, the number of stories about people who are mistreated seems to continue unabated. This impacts workers across the board, even those who are in prominent positions and are recognizable to the public. Regardless of the type of work a person does, it is important to understand that certain behaviors should not be tolerated. If there was a dismissal, demotion or activities that harmed a person’s career, there is legal recourse. One recent case involving a prominent local news anchor exemplifies this.

Anchor sues Indiana channel and parent company for discrimination

Lifelong Indiana resident and prominent local news anchor Andrea Morehead has filed a lawsuit against her TV station employer and its parent company. She says she was discriminated against after her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Ms. Morehead worked at the station for 20 years. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2018 after which she says the station committed various acts that were in violation of her civil rights and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

As part of the treatment, she was given radiation for two months and kept viewers up to date with reports about its progress. In February 2019, she began immunotherapy that had various negative side effects and required her to take time off work. She was still contributing to the station in various ways with story concepts, editing and by conducting interviews. Problematic behavior from colleagues was found out including other employees betting on whether she would come back to work.

The station and its parent company were informed of this and other behaviors that she found disturbing, but nothing was done and the behavior continued. After she complained, she says her employer consistently harassed her. She was taken off the air and the employer did not provide her with assistance for her work-related tasks. She had filed a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in May 2020 and was dismissed from her job in December.

Discrimination and workplace violations may warrant a legal claim

It can be difficult to deal with health issues while trying to maintain a career. Many can do it effectively and need their workplace and colleagues to be sympathetic to their plight. If the worker’s rights are violated, it is important to be aware of the available options to address the situation. This type of alleged mistreatment and illegality can happen in any workplace. For assistance in pursuing compensation, legal advice may be critical. A firm with experience in workplace discrimination, harassment and more may be able to help.



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