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How sexual harassment can ruin a business

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2020 | Blog, Sexual Harassment

Everyone has the basic right of not being harassed at their Indiana workplace even when the culture within the company refuses to address the issue or, even worse, encourages it. And it gets even worse when company officials are the primary target of complaints, such as what has happened with the Victoria Secret stores owned by L Brands of New York City. L Brands made the national news broadcasts during the past year when the details of the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking charges resulted in exposing Les Wexler as a close associate. Wexler was CEO and the primary preferred stock holder of L Brands at the time.


The newspaper report claimed that internally the company was a toxic environment of sexual harassment and discrimination, and was so to the point of retaliation when any mention of the problem was made within the company. According to the article, much of the activity and communication surrounding the sexual harassment claims was suppressed in the company records. The records are now being sought by a substantial shareholder as the L Brands company is being shopped for sale in order to avoid a looming bankruptcy.

The company has, to date, still refused to supply the company records that have been requested, which is assuredly a red flag when lawsuits are filed against the company. L Brands was involved in sale discussions with private equity firm Sycamore Partners, but the talks broke down in May after L Brands reportedly saw sales fall by 37% in the first quarter.


The sexual harassment lawsuits that may be coming forward could have well impacted that decision if the complaints are valid and provable, and now the sexual harassment attorneys for the injured parties can maintain focus on legal action against the financially distressed employer L Brands. Those who face discrimination at work should consider seeking legal help.


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