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It is illegal for employers to ask these interview questions

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2019 | Workplace Discrimination

Job interviews are a chance for both employers and prospective employees to understand each other’s goals, values and working styles to see if they are a cultural fit. But as employers try to learn as much as they can about a potential hire, it’s against the law for them to ask some specific questions.

However, not everyone may know what interview questions are unlawful for recruiters and hiring managers to ask.

Questions interviewers may not ask

It is illegal for them to request this information during the hiring process:

  • If a candidate has ever been arrested.
  • If a candidate has ever used illegal drugs.
  • If a candidate is married or not.
  • What religious holidays the candidate practices.
  • If the candidate has children.
  • What country the candidate is from.
  • If English is their first language.
  • If the candidate is good at managing their finances.
  • If the candidate drinks socially.
  • How long the candidate has been working.
  • If the candidate was in the military, what type of discharge they received.
  • If the candidate has a disability.

Prospective candidates should know their rights

During the hiring process, interviewees have certain rights under the law that protect them from discrimination and disclosing private information without consent.  Whether a candidate was hired or not, if they were asked any illegal interview questions, they may want to contact a knowledgeable and diligent employment law attorney. They can assist in reviewing a candidate’s claim and protect their legal rights.


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