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The negative financial and professional consequences of bias

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2017 | Workplace Discrimination

Black and Latino workers in Indiana and elsewhere may find it harder to find a job compare to their white counterparts. According to researchers at Northwester, Harvard and the Institute of Social Research in Oslo, blacks and Latinos face roughly the same levels of bias in hiring that they did 25 years ago. The researchers analyzed various studies that have been conducted since 1989.

They found that white applicants were called back 36 percent more often than black workers and 24 percent more often than Latino applicants. Even black and Latino workers who had a college degree were not immune from being discriminated against. This has led to a wage gap that may make it harder to buy a home or start a family. Furthermore, while white college students likely get help from their parents, black college-educated individuals provide assistance to their families.

In 2013, the median household income of a white family with a four-year college degree was $94,351 compared to $52,147 for a black family with the same level of education. The median net worth of a white household with a four-year college degree was $359,928. For a black family with a four-year college degree, that number drops to just $32,780, which is less than the net worth for a white family without a degree.

Wage and employment discrimination may have many negative consequences for its victims. Those who think that an employer is treating them unfairly based on race may benefit from consulting an attorney. It may be possible to investigate claims that an employer has violated employment law and help an individual hold companies accountable for their actions if a violation has occurred. If successful, individuals may be entitled to compensation and other relief as outlined under applicable law.

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