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How Can I Benefit From Eradication Of Workplace Discrimination?

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2017 | Workplace Discrimination

So you have just been hired at a prominent firm of your dreams. In your mind, such an appointment not only highlights your competency but also gives you a rare opportunity to meet influential individuals with a knack for success. Within the first few weeks, it is common to exude a zealous attitude in an attempt to impress your bosses and act as a role model to your fellow employees.

As time goes by, a niggling idea creeps into your mind that your efforts are not reciprocated regarding fair pay. Despite putting in adequate time and presenting impressive results, things seem not to add up. Upon closer review, it comes to your attention that some colleagues are paid more despite working less or possessing lower qualifications. In such a case, paranoia might creep in making you think you are discriminated either due to your ethnicity, race or even nationality if you are an immigrant. In such a scenario, it is crystal clear that your employee rights have been violated and getting to the cause should be your priority.

On the other hand, most women do not experience a rosy atmosphere at the workplace. You may have the brains needed for a promotion, but your employer does not seem too interested in your resume and experience. He might make sexual advances in one way or another as a prerequisite for a job promotion. Despite crossing ethical lines, they are putting you in an awkward position to trade sex for further professional development. Being the stout employee, it is basic instinct to safeguard your employee rights at all costs. However, they may push on with constant harassment in an attempt to break you down and heed to their advances. When faced with such a dilemma, most women end up making the wrong decision.

Apart from sexual harassment, wage discrimination is also exhibited at the workplace in various ways. For instance, you may be putting in overtime hours, yet your boss fails to recognize and reward your industrious attitude. Alternatively, they may also fail to pay you minimum wage for various reasons. Fortunately, you are entitled to file a complaint against your boss if you suspect wage theft in your remuneration. By consulting a workplace discrimination attorney in Marion, Indiana, you will receive adequate legal advice on the way forward.


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