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What mental toll can sexual harassment take on a worker?

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2024 | Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace is an issue that violates an individual’s rights.

The effects of this harassment reach far beyond the office, seeping into every aspect of a person’s life. This includes those individuals seeking fair compensation.

Feeling constant anxiety

For many people, sexual harassment creates a constant state of stress. The fear of encountering the harasser looms over every workday, making it difficult to focus on tasks and undermining confidence in one’s abilities. This unease can lead to insomnia, headaches and other physical signs of stress.

Distrusting others

In a workplace tainted by sexual harassment, trust becomes a rare feeling. Workers often find themselves questioning the intentions of the individuals around them, unsure of who they can trust.

Harassment leaves workers feeling isolated and powerless. Dealing with unwanted advances and intimidation at work can also affect how a person feels about other interactions. Sexual harassment makes it difficult for individuals to form meaningful connections outside of work.

Internalizing the harassment

Sexual harassment sometimes even makes people blame themselves. They may wonder if they did something to deserve it or could have stopped it somehow. This self-blame can mess with a person’s head and create long-lasting issues with anxiety.

Struggling to maintain normalcy

In many cases, those facing sexual harassment think that they should hide their suffering, putting on a brave face to maintain the appearance of normalcy. This can take a toll, as individuals use large amounts of energy to suppress their emotions and pretend that everything is fine.

Workers could feel better about this issue by opening up to loved ones and taking care of their well-being. By acknowledging the mental toll of sexual harassment, people can begin to heal.


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