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Workplace retaliation takes many forms

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2024 | Workplace Retaliation

Workplace retaliation is illegal. Oftentimes, retaliation means that an employee loses their job. For example, maybe an employee hasn’t been paid the proper amount for overtime. They complain to their boss but, rather than paying the amount the employee is due, their boss just fires them and hires someone else to replace them.

But it’s important for workers to remember that things don’t have to play out exactly this way. There are certainly situations in which you could be facing illegal workplace retaliation, even though you haven’t lost your job.

Changes to your job and duties

For example, maybe – in the wake of exercising some legally-protected right – your job itself changed significantly. Perhaps your boss transferred you to a different department. Maybe they changed your duties so that your job was less desirable. Maybe they transferred you to a different location entirely, where you never wanted to work. If these things are done deliberately to make your job less enjoyable and less attractive because you complained that you weren’t getting paid properly (for example), it could still be retaliation.

Changes to your pay

Another example of unlawful retaliation involves actions that negatively impact your earnings. Maybe your employer lowered your hourly rate as retaliation for your complaint. Perhaps they changed the amount that you’re paid for commissions. It is legal for employers to change pay rates in some cases, but it’s illegal for them to do it as a form of retaliation.

If you are facing retaliation on the job, it’s very important to know what legal steps you can take. Workers do not deserve such treatment, and there are solutions available. Seeking legal guidance is a good way to learn more.


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