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Workplace gender discrimination has barely improved in 20 years

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2023 | Employment Law

Federal laws prohibit gender discrimination in the workplace. Even so, unequal standards have not changed much in the past 20 years, as reported by Pew Research.

Discrimination against women in workplaces continues, limiting women’s professional experiences. This genuine inequality makes it harder for women to grow professionally and often impacts their quality of life.

Economic and emotional repercussions

The gender wage gap continues to be a stark problem, impacting women’s economic well-being. A recent survey shows that, on average, men earn over 16% more than women with the same — or better — qualifications.

In many situations, women might find they have to put in extra effort compared to men.  While this is not universally true, societal expectations and gender norms sometimes make it feel like women need to work harder to achieve the same recognition and opportunities as men in various aspects of life, including the workplace.

Earning less pay and other unfair treatment can lead to job dissatisfaction, frustration and stress. The emotional fallout often bleeds into all aspects of life.

Career advancement obstacles

Discrimination affects women’s career progression, especially in leadership roles. There are far fewer women than men in management positions, demonstrating that breaking through the glass ceiling remains challenging for women.

This lack of diversity in higher-up roles makes it tough for women to break through and be equal to men in the workplace. It keeps things uneven and stops women from having the same opportunities as men.

Single mothers

Gender discrimination hits single moms even harder, making life tougher. Unfair work practices and a pay gap mean they struggle more financially.

It is not just about jobs; discrimination adds stress, affecting both the mom and her kids. Making work fairer would make it easier for these moms to have a shot at financial stability and create a positive home environment.

Dismantle gender barriers

Employers, policymakers and society as a whole must collaborate to end discriminatory practices. Achieving gender equality in the workplace and creating an environment where women have equal opportunities for professional growth and leadership would help everyone.


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