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Pregnancy and wrongful termination

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2022 | Wrongful Termination

If you have become pregnant, it is essential to have a clear understanding of your rights as an employee. Sadly, many pregnant women face discrimination and other hardships at their place of work due to their pregnancy. In some instances, mistreatment violates their legal rights. For example, some women lose their job because of their pregnancy status, which can have a devastating impact on multiple facets of their life.

It is crucial to take a close look at various legal topics related to pregnancy, wrongful termination and other employment law matters.

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act bars wrongful termination

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission provides information on the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, which prohibits various types of discrimination against pregnant women, including wrongful termination. Covered employers cannot legally fire a woman due to her pregnancy status.

In addition, some women lose their jobs due to a past pregnancy. If you lost your job after giving birth and believe that your firing violated the law, you could have the ability to hold your employer answerable, depending on the details surrounding your dismissal.

The impact of wrongful termination

As a pregnant woman, wrongful termination could lead to significant financial hardships, which could make life especially difficult while expecting a child. Some pregnant women have a very hard time finding work or switching jobs during and after pregnancy, and this could have a detrimental impact on their careers. Additionally, the emotional toll of wrongful termination due to pregnancy is often significant, and many victims deal with anxiety, depression and even anger.

Make sure you promptly address wrongful termination or other any other violations of your rights as a pregnant employee.


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