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Are you being sexually harassed in the workplace?

Victims of sexual harassment often feel that there is nothing they can do to protect themselves. In some cases, they might choose to stay quiet and accept what is going on. Sexual harassment in the workplace is complicated, and sometimes people allow it to happen to avoid an awkward situation, or out of the fear of losing their job. If you are facing a similar situation, you should know that there are several steps that you may take to deal with the situation.

The first step is to speak up about the harassment. There are some harassment cases which can be dealt with at a personal level without a need for further action. Sometimes a colleague might not realize that their actions are offensive towards you and may stop after a confrontation. However, if they do not put a stop to the harassment, you have the right to file an official complaint with the human resources department. If the company does not have an HR department, you may discuss the situation with your supervisor.

There is a chance that your organization might try to deal with the issue in a secretive manner. This protects the company image and leads to a quick resolution. But if you feel that justice is not being served, you may file a complaint with the Federal Equal Employment Commission. The agency will discuss matters with your employer and get justice for you.

If you are facing sexual harassment in the workplace, hire an experienced employment lawyer to explain your rights and help you through the complaint procedures.

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