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How do I know which leave to request from work?

When you have a family event or emergency that arises and you need to request leave from your place of employment, you may be confused as to what leave you should be requesting. If you request leave under the wrong provision, will it be denied? Moreover, is there one form of leave that allows for more days and by failing to request said leave, will you short-change yourself on the time you have to handle things at home?

These are all good questions and valid concerns. Sometimes employers aren't forthcoming on addressing these points and disclosing what you are allowed as an eligible employer. But regardless of how clear your employee policy and handbook is or is not, you should be well covered when requesting time off for a family matter.

The truth is, you are not under any obligation to your employer to specify what form of leave you are taking to qualify for family or medical issue. The responsibility actually falls upon your employer's shoulders to apply whichever law provides you with the most coverage based upon the needs in your circumstance.

If you are having trouble with an employer who is not cooperating with the law, your next step may be to contact an Indiana attorney who stays current on the continually changing area of employment law. Greater protections are being afforded the employee and any employer holding to outdated ideas that cause your rights to not be honored needs to be informed and held accountable. An attorney may be able to assist you in determining if your rights are being honored.

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