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The Hallmarks Of A Hostile Work Environment

Employment discrimination can take many forms. Sometimes, it’s an overt action such as refusal to hire or unequal pay. Other times, it can be subtler — but still just as damaging.

You should never have to endure a hostile work environment that involves:

  • Discriminatory comments
  • Off-color jokes
  • Inappropriate advances
  • Unwanted touching
  • Offensive photos or drawings
  • Bullying
  • Name calling
  • Other types of harassment

Even if not directed at you personally, these behaviors can make it difficult for you to show up at work every day, much less function at your best. The law recognizes that employees have a right to a discrimination-free workplace that is safe and comfortable.

If your job performance is suffering because of a hostile work environment, it’s time to speak with a lawyer.

Enforcing Your Rights

At the Indianapolis law office of Stephanie Jane Hahn, Attorney at Law PC, we understand the many factors that can lead to a hostile work environment. Our lawyer has 20-plus years of experience helping employees across Indiana stand up against discrimination in the workplace.

When you meet with Ms. Hahn, you can expect a thorough and upfront analysis of your rights — and a plan for how to enforce them.

These Claims May Be Broader Than You Think

Hostile work environment claims often involve sexual harassment. However, these claims can also involve workplace harassment or other inappropriate conduct based on race, religion, national origin, gender or sex, or disability. The perpetrator may be a supervisor or co-worker at any level.

Whatever your situation, we are committed to protecting your rights, livelihood and dignity.

To meet with our lawyer during a confidential, one-on-one consultation, please call 800-375-1548 or send us an email.