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How to know if you have a case for wrongful termination

When you go to work on time, rarely call in sick and never clock out early, you may be caught completely by surprise to get a call into your Human Resource manager's office where you are informed the company is parting ways with you. You are then given only a couple of minutes, with a member of management supervising, with which to gather your belongings and leave. There is no chance to notify clients you have developed relationships with and no time to clear your computer of anything private.

What happened? The HR manager was vague. Were you under-performing? The employee handbook said you would get two warnings and you were only ever given one. Is this because you were asked to do something that wasn't exactly legal and you refused? Or did you report unethical behavior and this may be in retaliation for that? Or perhaps you took time off that was allowed for under the Family and Medical Leave Act but your supervisor was not happy about it.

Actually, any one of the aforementioned reasons could be a case for wrongful termination. If they don't want you, why would you pursue anything? Why not walk away with your head held high and move onto greener pastures?

Perhaps because many future employers will not look favorably on your termination from a job. And perhaps because your employer was acting unethically and illegally in letting you go and for that, you may be awarded damages. These damages can include reinstatement of your job, promotion, back and front pay, compensatory damages, injunctive relief, reasonable accommodations and punitive damages.

If you believe you were wrongfully discharged, you may want to discuss your situation thoroughly with an employment law attorney familiar with Indiana laws.

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