Can You Expect Privacy In The Workplace?

Most employees expect to lose a degree of privacy when at work. After all, employers have an interest in supervising and monitoring work in order to keep an eye on productivity. However, employees still have a reasonable expectation to privacy, and employers frequently cross a line.

At Stephanie Jane Hahn, Attorney at Law PC, we have worked to protect the rights of employees in Indianapolis and across Indiana. As one of the state's most recognized and successful employment lawyers, Stephanie Jane Hahn has long lobbied for employee privacy rights and has worked to protect clients against infringements from their employer.

Defending Your Right To Workplace Privacy

There are several considerations and questions that come into play regarding an employee's privacy, including:

  • Can my employer regulate what I say on social media?
  • Can my employer monitor my work calls? Private calls?
  • Can my employer monitor or regulate conversations on my work cellphone?
  • If I use my personal email at work, will it be monitored?
  • Can my employer drug-test me at will?

Social Media Usage

Many, if not most, employers monitor the social media usage of applicants and even current employees. But there have been a large number of recent complaints to the National Labor Relations Board regarding the regulation of social media. Employees may have a reasonable right to expect privacy in that regard. In fact, some states have already passed laws prohibiting employers from requesting social media passwords.

Phone Usage

The Electronics Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) places limits on what information employers may collect from phone calls. But workplaces can step over the line and infringe on an employee's privacy rights by monitoring personal calls and voicemails.

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